How To Wacky Rig

How To Wacky Rig

This is one of the most effective Bass fishing methods in Ontario. We recommend incorporating some level of Fluorocarbon (8-10lbs) either as a leader with your main braid (20-30lbs) or Straight 100% Fluorocarbon.

We Recommend tying a Palomar Knot to a 3/0 hook.

Now you get the choice of how to rig it….

  1. (Classic) Slip the hook through the middle of the worm leaving the hook exposed. This is the classic method, however this is usually one catch per worm as the hook typically rips the worm.
    • Easiest Method with the least amount of equipment, however worms tend to break quite quickly.


  1. (Rubber O-ring) use a Wacky O-ring tool like the Xzone Pro Series Tool to slip the O-ring on to the centre of the Worm. Then without puncturing the worm slip the hook through the O-ring.
    • Works great and a worm can be used for multiple catches
    • An O-ring tool is necessary for this setup


  1. (Weighted Ring) use a Weighted Ring from a brand like The Perfect Jig to slip over your Worm and install the hook in the same manner as the O-ring setup.
    • This setup will get your worm to the bottom quicker and help you cast farther
    • This should also help in deeper water situations
    • No need for an install tool like the Rubber O-ring setup

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