Brands We Carry

Bringing you the greatest sporting goods brands Canada has to offer!

Grohmann Knives - hunting & survival knives

Magz Manufacturing - Ice Fishing, Jig's and Soft Plastic Baits

The Perfect Jig - Bass Fishing, Ice Fishing, Jig's and Soft Plastic Baits

Xzone Lures - Soft Plastic Baits

Len Thompson Lures - Fishing Spoons

Best Lure Company - Hard Wood Baits and Spoons

Bam Baits - Soft Plastic Baits

Weapons Of Bass Destruction - Bass fishing Jig's

Epic Fishing Tackle - Jigs

Misfit Lures - Hard Baits

Canadian Baits - Soft Plastic Baits

Get'n Hook'd Lures - Spinner Baits

Ugli Boys Baits - Jigs

Lucky Bug Lures - Hard Baits and Flies

Lary's Lucky Leader - Leaders

River Reaper Fishing - River Fishing

Walters Baits - Soft Plastic Baits

Reel Flies - River Fishing 

Grumpas Baits - Tackle

Syd Fishes Jigs - Tackle

Bait Cloud - Attractant

Angler's Choice - Soft Plastic Baits

Grumpy Bait Company - Soft Plastic Baits 

Early Worm Lures - Soft Plastic Baits 

Backwoods Signature Rods - Fishing Rods

JVM Custom Lures - Hard Baits

NXS Softbaits - Soft Plastic Baits

Northern Tackle Supply Co - Jig's and Tackle

Team Chrome Chasers - Rod Ties

Set The Hook - Soft Plastic Baits

N. of The States Tackle - Tackle